R1 Suture - Production

Production 01The automated production control system, developed and implemented at our company, allows us to manage the entire production process accurately and efficiently. The automated production control system allows us to carry out 100% of the input quality control for the raw materials and components, to obtain data on the quality of each product at stages of production, to plan and allocate production capacity, to manage the warehouse of raw materials and finished products.

Production 02
Quality Management System ISO 13485 is applied in our organization.

Thanks to the modern production control system each order can be monitored at every production step, from raw material to packaging, which allows to plan and track the production time of your order.

Production 03
On-site research laboratory and technological facility.

Innovative technologies. Advanced equipment.

Production 04
Highly coordinated work of R1 SUTURE professional team of engineers, technologists, experts and assemblers allows us to quarantee the shortest possible production periods and high quality of the product!

Introduction of new technologies and equipment, and as well as continuous improvement allowed us to reduce production time to two hours!